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You’ll need to get a stiff toothbrush to easy the spray tip, given that there isn’t a cleansing device protected. maximum of the paint for your gadget will come out after you hook up to a hose, but it’s good to have backup if there’s a piece that sticks round stubbornly.


It’s not for professional use! The X7’s pump is rated for as much as 125 gallons per yr. That’s plenty for maximum DIYer’s, expertise a drop within the bucket to most seasoned contractors. unless you’re a low-use handyman, we don’t propose the X7 to folks who are making their residing with painting. in case you’re a fairly normal expert painter, have a examine one of the extra steeply-priced Graco structures below.


Airless sprayers just like the X7 are extraordinarily effective, and that they may be dangerous if you’re now not careful. We’re giving a further warning with this one since it’s advertised to DIYer’s who won’t have a good deal enjoy with tools of this kind. Be very careful when you’re using it, and in no way permit others operate your airless sprayer machine.


Airless structures like this produce more overspray than an HVLP-fashion compressor gun like we’ve looked at above. The X7 is notably efficient, know-how does waste extra materials than the Graco-Sharpe. That’s the exchange-off for the rate and energy of airless structures.


6. Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 HiBoy Paint Sprayer

pinnacle rated latex paint sprayer


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The ProX19 is one in every of Graco’s professional airless structures, sandwiched in among the DIY-elegance models like the X7 and the splendid high-quit business collection. It’s aimed at seasoned customers who paint latexes as a part of a contracting operation, or people who manage masses of houses which need painting on a more than quarterly basis (as much as 500 gallons consistent with year).


It’s a similar layout to the X7, understanding souped-up in each manner! We advocate it to maximum professionals, or to the most formidable DIYer’s who need an airless gadget that would last them a lifetime.




on the outside, the ProX19 is a almost equal format to the X7: a rolling cart design featuring a stainless steel pump, a metallic gun, and a wheeled aluminum cart body. It sprays all manner of latex coatings, in addition to different family paints and stains. The system has absolutely-adjustable pressure, just like the X7, with smooth photo indicators each of these factors has been jacked-up, although, as you’ll see!


like the X7, the ProX19 has storage onboard for a paint bucket and your coiled hose. They each match smartly at the cart body. the important thing difference is that the ProX19 comes with two times as an awful lot hose in the box! You get a 50-foot period in place of the 25-foot hose that’s shipped with the X7.


the biggest differences are underneath the hood, even though. The ProX19 is powered by means of a 7/8 HP DC motor. It’s brushless for better durability with much less maintenance. as compared to the X7, this motor is a lot extra powerful, and the DC layout makes it more forgiving to changes in voltage. That’s a key characteristic for contractors and folks who are occasionally operating on unreliable energy materials or generators.


Having a lot grunt strength at the back of your system means there’s in reality no motive to be thinning your paints at all–even outdoors latexes! The ProX19  sprayer even the thickest latexes instantly from the bucket, via the identical suction hose as the X7.